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Front Row

IAB SA invites young, black and gifted creatives to take up space in the Front Row

Front Row offers creative youth wider access to career-building opportunities

The IAB SA is proud to launch the third year of the IAB Front Row programme. This IAB South Africa initiative is available to young budding, black media and marketing students to access relevant industry-leading events and knowledge sharing by some of our brilliant digital media and marketing minds. The Front Row programme plays a crucial role in the IAB SA’s commitment to galvanising transformation in the industry. Prizes include access to the 2024 IAB SA Bookmark Awards, options for IAB SA mentorship and internship, as well as significant contributions from our awards partner, The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.

This is an opportunity for young creatives to not only gain more insights into the industry’s digital media and marketing whats and hows, but to get a seat in the front row and their foot in the door. We would like to encourage all IAB members to support this initiative as we work together to transform our industry and, in turn, our nation.

For more information on the programme or how to partner in the programme, contact IAB Head of Education Council, Su Little, or IAB SA CEO Razia Pillay.

The 2023 Front Row initiative has been sponsored by Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.


2023 Front Row Representative: Thabiso Mokone

To tell stories and to show my flexibility creatively, it seems like a very vague answer but I believe that it is the best answer. In my perspective there’s always a story to share with people, while creating proximity with your client. Moreover, with digital marketing I can always show my creativity in diverse ways that sometimes challenge me. I love a good challenge.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Khwezi Madlala

My passion for all things digital marketing is fueled by two main factors: my love for storytelling and my desire to promote authentic and raw content. I believe that storytelling is a powerful tool that can captivate audiences and create meaningful connections. By leveraging digital marketing strategies, I can effectively communicate stories and messages that resonate with people on a deeper level. Additionally, I am driven by my aspiration to showcase African talent and put it on the global map. I firmly believe that...

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2023 Front Row Representative: Rorisang Sebiloane

I gained intrest in digital marketing through my own journey of creating content. I started my YouTube channel in 2019 while I was still pursuing an engineering degree. I dropped out of engineering and pursued marketing when I realised that creating content through YouTube and Instagram was what brought me the most joy in my life. So my passion for digital marketing started through my own passions and it intensified through being discovered and working with brands involved in digital marketing.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Nompumelelo Maduna

The dynamic nature of the digital world and its immense potential to connect businesses with global audiences fuels my passion for all things digital. Witnessing how strategic online efforts can transform brands, foster communities, and drive real-world results inspires me to continuously explore innovative strategies and stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Richard Ndlovu

The ability to create, connect, and communicate on a global scale excites me. Think of it like an adventure where being curious comes together with making things, and in every tiny dot on the screen, there's a whole world of exciting things that can come to life.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Ashleigh Templeton

I'm still finding my feet within this industry and am super keen to learn more about the ins and outs of this fascinating world. I’m always trying to learn new things. It’s like having those extra titbits of knowledge that I can share with people and find new ways to connect. I have experience in branding, advertising campaigns, print design, illustration, web design, animation, UI/UX design, package design, and game design. I specifically enjoy designing illustrations and experimenting with different styles.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Mukona-Zwonaka Ligege

My passion for digital marketing started when I developed my first website and app, where I got to learn the back end of sites such as short or longtail keyword phrases to collecting and analysing the data from different insights and crm tools. I carried this knowledge to working in different digital campaigns where I could fully apply my knowledge which I grew deeper passion for it.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Lindelani Dlamini

I am a designer that believes in applying empathy and experimentation in everything I do, which fuels my passion for creating unique, interesting digital designs and concepts. I am also driven by the need to create exciting memories. As a creative, I take inspiration from everything around me, from the daily sights and smells to the human connections I make.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Lungelo Manzi

I have a passion for storytelling. In digital, my focus has been in strategy and the ideas that help build communities in the African context. As the world rapidly becomes smaller by way of the devices that connect us, it's been my interest to see the common thread in our humanity and drawing from our lived experiences to find or build content and campaigns that translate effectively from creation to its experience.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Neo Baloyi

My passion for the digital sphere is driven by a distinctive blend of factors. I believe in intentional marketing that deeply resonates with the human behind the screen. The ever-evolving digital landscape consistently motivates me to envision strategic branding tactics that fuses psychology and technology to convey meaningful yet profitable messages that resonate. There is such a thrill in finding the latest trends, cutting-edge social media features and how that relates to radical data analysis methods for the digital industry. Ultimately, my passion truly...

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2023 Front Row Representative: Neo Nkwana

What fuels my passion for digital? Well my journey with Marketing started when I co-founded a promotions agency with my brother and since then I’ve grown strength to strength in the industry. Digital marketing for me is an innovation like no other , fueling so many dreams and possibilities through digital is something I would’ve never thought I’d hear of. To keep it short, in this modern world I want to have a hand in creating ads that change lives through different touchpoints.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Gugulethu Muzondo

My passion for all things digital is ignited by my deep involvement in social media marketing, content marketing, and copywriting. These dynamic fields offer a canvas for creativity and innovation that constantly excites me. The rapid evolution of technology keeps me engaged, as I thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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2023 Front Row Representative: Jason Morgan

Finding myself as an avid video gamer and technology enthusiast at a young age, I found my passion in the digital space. The implementation and execution of Artificial Intelligence to assist in essay writing or teaching a vehicle how to drive itself, to more immersive experiences like Virtual Reality excites me to see what the next big leap holds within this industry. I see myself as an active participant and advocate for lifelong learning, while adapting and evolving with the strides that the digital...

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2021 Front Row Winners Announced

The IAB SA is delighted to announce the winners of its 2021 Front Row initiative. The winners win a seat in the front row of leading digital marketing events and other great career-enhancing prizes.

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Front Row 2021: Entries are now open

The IAB SA has launched the second year of its Front Row programme and invites all young budding, black media and marketing students to enter and win a front row seat at relevant industry-leading events and gain access to valuable industry insights and expert knowledge sharing.

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Front Row winner: Zoya Nkosi

Graphic Designer, Zoya Nkosi, spoke to Bizcommunity about her career journey to date and future study plans, and gives her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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Front Row winner: Kamogelo Makhale

Our third Front Row winner, Kamogelo Makhale, sees her win as an opportunity to share her knowledge while also gaining access. She speaks on this and also gives her thoughts on mentorship and the changes brought about by the current pandemic.

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Front Row winner: Mahlatse Moti

Bookmarks Front Row winner, Mahlatse Moti, chatted to Bizcommunity and shared his view on the Front Row opportunity, his career plans and his thoughts on the digital industry.

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Front Row winner: Motshidisi Mokoena

Congratulations to all 5 of the #2020Bookmarks Front Row winners! Bizcommunity have launched a series of interviews with each of the winners and here we feature their interview with Front Row winner, Motshidisi Mokoena.

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2020 Bookmarks Front Row Winners Announced!

We are thrilled to announce our five 2020 Bookmarks Front Row winners today. They will be invited to participate in our digital #2020Bookmarks show format at 5pm on Thursday 19th March and in future IAB events, as well as be presented with wonderful prizes given by our partners.

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