IAB SA: Enabling growth for our People, Brands, Agencies, Publishers, Platforms



The IAB SA currently represents more than 150 prominent organisation as its members that represents agencies, publishers, brands, platforms, educational institutions, martech, adtech and more. The IAB SA strives to provide its members with a platform through which they can engage, interact and address digital issues of common interest, thereby stimulating learning and commerce within the South African digital space.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with IAB Membership

  • Step into a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, where collaboration thrives and insights flourish.
  • Get an IAB badge and proudly showcase your accredited status.
  • Leverage the influential IAB industry mailer to amplify your voice, sharing your latest breakthroughs and findings with the industry.
  • Forge invaluable connections directly with IAB, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships.
  • Position yourself as a trailblazer in the dynamic worlds of marketing and advertising, staying ahead of the curve.
  • Gain unparalleled access to cutting-edge resources, empowering you to navigate and excel in today’s ever-evolving landscape.
  • Join forces with industry leaders through our collaborative initiatives, driving digital innovation forward together.
  • Get involved with IAB Councils or Committees: Member organisations are able to play a prominent role within our Councils and Committees, empowering you to represent your organization, expand your network, tackle industry challenges collaboratively, and make a substantial impact on IAB projects.
  • Embrace The Bookmark Awards Experience: Immerse yourself in the excitement of The Bookmark Awards by having the opportunity to serve as a distinguished judge, attending our prestigious event, potentially featuring on the panel at the Finalist Showcase, and exploring lucrative partnership opportunities aligned with The Bookmarks.
  • Unlock Insights with IAB Actionable Insights: Elevate your strategic planning with The IAB Actionable Insights (an educational series), offering localized perspectives on global trends, providing insights for your boardrooms, strategy sessions, and planning meetings. Take advantage of exclusive opportunities like securing a speaker slot, enjoying complimentary attendance, forging partnerships with Insights, and earning CPD points from MASA. 

The Benefits of Joining the IAB SA

Membership of the IAB will help ensure your knowledge of everything digital. Not only will you be the first to hear about new digital trends, knowledge, and research, but you’ll have the opportunity to sit at the table with digital industry thought leaders and have your voice heard to steer conversations around standards, guidelines, and best practices.

IAB Benefits

If you’re not already an IAB member, what are you waiting for?
The IAB: It’s your seat at the table.

Membership will also introduce you to partners, clients, and experts who can provide advice, insight, and potential new business. These connections can be made at any of our numerous networking events hosted across the country.
Additionally, IAB advocates for the digital industry and fights against adverse government regulation for your business interests through our Regulation council. We strive to keep our members informed about important policy-related events through participation in the Regulation Council and by developing timely issue briefs and legal analysis of key proposals.
Representing over 160 leading media and marketing companies, linking today’s best practices with tomorrow’s breakthrough channels and marketplaces, the Interactive Advertising Bureau – IAB – is at the centre of the digital media universe.

  • Participation in different industry-facing Committees and Councils that create industry standards, guidelines, and best practices
  • Networking with 160+ leading media & marketing companies who represent our diverse ecosystem
  • Access to industry research from the IAB and our partners
  • Opportunities to showcase your own research, insights, and technology to the membership through webinars, town halls, thought leadership forums, and more
  • Access to professional development courses and discounts on IAB courses and certifications
  • Full access and listing within our Member Directory
  • Discounts on event attendance and event sponsorship
  • Exclusive member-only event invitations to networking receptions and industry leader conferences
  • Speaking opportunities at IAB events
  • Protection for your business interests by helping steer IAB public policy efforts that fight against adverse regulation and legislation
  • First access to new measurement initiatives, ad units, technologies, and what competitors and the industry are thinking