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IAB SA Digital Audio MarketingToolkit

With the increased challenges in capturing and holding consumers’ attention, brands are adopting the use of digital audio to put brands up front. The IAB SA Digital Audio Committee have published the first toolkit to explain the fundamentals of digital audio marketing, provide a framework of reference and credibility for publishers, and unlock even more value for stakeholders.

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IAB SA Centre of Excellence Series, Part 2: Power of Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has become a rapidly growing field of digital marketing, and this topic forms Part 2 of our Centre of Excellence Series. Access the toolkit here for a better understanding of the opportunity provided by DOOH and to learn of current trends and best practice. IAB members can find the Digital-Out-of-Home Best Practices in the IAB SA member portal.

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IAB SA releases a White Paper on Brand Safety

Authored by leaders in the South African digital advertising and publishing industry, IAB have released the White Paper on Brand Safety which breaks down the challenges to brand safety and provides strategies for empowering brands in brand safe environments.

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