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Introducing the IAB Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework

The gaming ad market is growing rapidly and demanding more innovative new formats. We are pleased, then, to be able to share the Advertising Framework for Gaming and Esports, put together jointly by the IAB in UK, US and Europe, and their members. The framework sets out standardised industry terms and understanding to foster continued growth of this industry in a sustainable and efficient manner. Further details and the framework are available on our Members' Portal.

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IAB CTV Creative Best Practices Guide

Connected TV or CTV represents an entirely new platform that provides new content capabilities, creative formats, and direct engagement with viewers. With this comes the increased challenge of personalisation as we become more privacy-conscious. The IAB CTV Creative Best Practices Guide looks at these challenges and highlights future opportunities for successful CTV ad creation. The guide is available on the members' portal.

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Digital Influencer Marketing: Document on Definitions

The IAB SA Digital Influencer Marketing Committee is proud to launch their Document on Definitions, the first module towards completing the first definitive guide on influencer marketing, which will be finalised and released over the course of the next few months. The aim of the document is to standardise this discipline and set best practice for the protection and empowerment of both consumers and stakeholders, alike. Please access your copy of the definitions here.

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IAB SA: Definition of Digital Content Marketing

After comprehensive, industry-wide consultation, the IAB SA’s Digital Content Marketing Committee has launched the Definition of Content Marketing. Digital content marketing is a niche discipline making up 20% of global market spend and the need for such a discipline among brands grows as consumers increasingly respond better to more relevant, honest, curated content. Download the definition paper here.

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Digital Content Marketing – Draft definitions

The IAB SA Digital Content Marketing Committee is working to recognise content marketing as a niche discipline and to recommend guidelines in South Africa that are relevant to agencies, brands and publishers. As a first step toward achieving this, the Committee has put together the attached draft set of definitions which are currently under review until 25 May 2021.

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Social Media Code enforced

The fundamental objective of the Social Media Code is to protect the consumer by encouraging brands to exercise ethical constraints on all paid social media communications; and to benefit the industry with a clear code of conduct regarding the use of social media to advertise products and services. The Social Media Code has now been enforced by the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB). To obtain a copy of the Code, click here.

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Native Advertising Guidlines

These are designed to offer clarity, good practice and a launchpad for further discussion around the marketing tool known as Native Advertising. While they aim to simplify concepts and provide examples it remains cognisant that our market evolves quickly and the lifespan of these guidelines are likely to last a year whereupon it will be updated.

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