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2023 Social Media Landscape Report: Just released

Ornico, together with World Wide Worx, has launched the much anticipated SA Social Media Landscape Report for 2023. The report includes findings on the way South Africans utilise social media and their valuable demographics, as well as sharing interesting social media data research and in-depth survey insights.

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The 2022 South African Digital Customer Experience Report

The 4th annual edition of the South African DIgital Customer Experience report combines data from 2000 interviews with qualitative input from 14 senior marketers to equip South African brands with key insights on the needs and wants of Mzansi’s consumers. Valuable insights on shopping cart abandonment are also given.

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SA Social Media Landscape 2022: Report now available

The SA Social Media Landscape Report for 2022 has been launched. The annual report, compiled by Ornico and World Wide Worx, provides an in-depth analysis of social media usage in South Africa. The theme for this year's report is The Metaverse: Is it a David vs. Goliath Play? The theme, as well as report findings, was discussed in a live webinar with a panel of industry experts. Access the report

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The language of sales: behavioural communication in retail

Behavioural nudges have emerged as one of the best ways to improve sales while still maintaining an end user’s freedom of choice. In this report we look at the linguistic elements that correlate with email engagement success using the framework of Behavioural Linguistics.

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2022 in Africa: The Good, the Tough and the Growth

Winning brands will revitalise hope and optimism in authentic ways - promoting wellbeing, physical and mental health, actively and pragmatically. Our overview reveals opportunities for brands in the buzzing region of West Africa. Download our report and spark your brand’s growth ambitions.

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2021 Ornico Social Media Landscape report

In collaboration with World Wide Worx, Ornico has released the 2021 SA Social Media Landscape Report which provides valuable findings on the drastically changed social media arena over the past year. It reveals how South Africans use social media and their demographics, and has been designed to give marketers a competitive edge during the pandemic as internet usage increases.

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Consumer Packaged Goods Like Never Before

In an in-depth report put together by iProspect - a dentsu company - and its sister companies, we find insights into the African FMCG landscape given by 19 experts from across multiple disciplines who share their wisdom.

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Email Marketing 2020 Benchmarks report

This benchmarks report analyses real data for the years of 2019 and 2020, and gives a snapshot of the impact on email marketing engagement metrics seen in 2020. This is the sharpest change we’ve ever seen in our benchmarks.

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The South African Digital Customer Experience Report 2020

In partnership with online research company, ovatoyou, and CX expert,Julia Ahlfeldt, Rogerwilco have released their second annual study into digital customer experiences, which shares insights from consumers and leading marketers on the importance of delivering a positive online customer experience. Request your copy here.

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Influencer marketing spending on the rise

In tandem with the recent establishment of the IAB SA Digital Influencer Marketing Committee, under the leadership of Stéphane Rogovsky, CEO & Founder of R-Squared, we are pleased to share this report from R-Squared on the growth of influencer marketing over the last few years and how marketers are budgeting for 2020.

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Group M’s Africa Media Index

Seeing the huge potential for advertising business in African markets, Group M have researched the similarities and differences between those markets, giving valuable insights for expanding business.

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Winning with Digital Platforms

From Apple to Amazon to Alibaba, digital platforms are more pervasive and powerful than ever. South African companies need to develop a platform strategy - whether they own a platform or not.

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Hyper-Relevance in a Digital World

Today’s customers demand personalisation in everything and buy according to a product’s relevance. Businesses can no longer rely on loyalty marketing and need to re-align their activities towards being hyper-relevant. See Accenture’s report here on the need for this marketing mindshift. Accenture are a sponsor of the IAB Summit 2019 and CEO, Wayne Hull, will be bringing more valuable insights to the Summit.

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24.com: Mobile Advertising Study White Paper

As audiences are deserting their desktops and moving more and more to mobile, mobile advertising has become the new now. 24.com and The SpaceStation recently launched the findings of their first mobile study to help brands optimise their mobile campaigns. See their Press Release here, which includes a link to their White Paper.

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B2B Lead Nurturing with Email

Not all non-converting business prospects are lost. Sometimes you just need to guide them over the finish line. Lead nurturing with email is the most effective way to do it.

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PWC Media & Entertainment report

We are thrilled to share PWC’s special report on the findings of our Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2018–2022, An African perspective (Outlook). Every year PWC takes a deep dive into the data and analysis with the aim of providing fresh perspectives and actionable insights.

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As a service to its members and the larger business community, IAB compiles and makes available highlights of research from leading market research organisations that identify trends, offer insights and advice, and illuminate the interactive advertising industry. Please note that the IAB does not analyse the data for accuracy or reliability nor do we take responsibility for the findings. Please use appropriate sourcing and fact checking when applying this data for business use.

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