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2023 Front Row Representative: Neo Baloyi

I am Neo Baloyi, and I’m all about purpose-driven marketing. My path is guided by my interest in infusing creativity and purpose into the world. I am passionate about leveraging the ingenuity I’ve attained from combining creativity with strategy and applying it to digital marketing services, guaranteeing each client/brand the success they deserve. Looking forward to making meaningful marketing moves that translate into impactful digital experiences.

What is your field of study?
My field of study encompasses a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a concentration in Marketing Management from the University of Pretoria and recently a National Certificate in Advertising, where I specialized in Digital Marketing from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. This is just the beginning as I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth throughout my entire career due to the dynamic nature of this industry.

What do you hope to achieve through the IAB Front Row?
I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to continuously develop and progress professionally within this remarkable initiative. I have high hopes that this opportunity will be instrumental in realizing my aspiration to make a lasting impact within the industry through exposure and active contributions to creative and purposeful marketing efforts.I am definitely looking forward to embarking on this journey of making marketing moves that translate into impactful digital experiences.