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2023 Front Row Representative: Rorisang Sebiloane

I am Rorisang Sebiloane, a Bcomm Marketing Management graduate. Through my experimenting with content creation, I found my true passion. I started of as an engineering student, however, through creating content I realized what truly makes me happy and inspires me to put out positive work. My content brings a sense of relief and humor to my viewers, I share honest content that deals with relevant and topical matters. I look forward to gaining the relevant skills that will allow me to learn and grow my personal brand and my professional career.

What is your field of study?
I went to high school at Hoƫrskool Drie Riviere and matriculated in 2016. I completed my BComm degree in Marketing Management in 2023.

What do you hope to achieve through the IAB Front Row?
I am excited to learn and get exposed to the various fields of digital marketing that I have not yet explored. I am also excited for the networking opportunity that this will present.