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Bookmarks 2024: Urgent reminder! Entries close soon

Just a few more days to enter your ground-breaking digital marketing campaigns for the industry's most prestigious awards. Late entries close on Friday, 26 April so enter today before it's too late. Late fees apply.

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URGENT! Help shape the future of Digital Advertising in South Africa. Survey closes Friday!

Your participation in the Online AdSpend survey is critical! The deadline to contribute is rapidly approaching - Friday, 26 April. By completing a short, confidential survey online, you'll contribute to a comprehensive picture of market spend across platforms, channels, and industry segments. To obtain survey form, email za_iab.survey@pwc.com.

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2024 IAB SA-PWC AdSpend Report Survey: Learn How You Can Participate

Understanding that more information is required to better understand how to participate in the AdSpend Survey, we hosted a workshop to unpack the survey for you and show you how the report will look. Watch the webinar recording and learn how to contribute to this important endeavour.

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IAB Actionable Insights #49: Unlocking the Future - New Era of Smart Automation and Bots

Join us at 11am as we look at how marketers can navigate the complexity of automation to select the right tools and update their internal processes for smart, impactful and cost-effective campaigns.

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Call for Participation: Influencer Marketing Survey 2024

Influencer marketing has tripled in growth worldwide and is set to increase in South Africa by 11.6% annually. Join our first survey to assist marketers and publishers to understand the shape and drivers of this burgeoning industry. Survey closes 31 May 2024.

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Bookmarks 2024: Perfect Your Entry with Alex Goldberg

Watch the recording from our Bookmarks 2024 Masterclass and learn to create an award-winning entry.

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Crafting Impactful Emails: A Marketer’s Playbook for Success

Everlytic has created a new guide to support marketers at every step of their email campaign journey – from solid strategic planning to performance tracking. Access it here.

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IAB South Africa

The IAB South Africa enables growth for our people, agencies, brands, publishers and platforms – through education, measurement and acknowledgement.

There are 47 IABs around the world that collectively empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in a digital economy.

IAB South Africa is a member-driven industry body and its membership is comprised of more than 150 prominent organisations which include agencies, publishers, education institutions, platforms, march, adtech, and more.

IAB Knowledge Centre >

Access resources that enables growth for you, agencies, publishers, brands and platforms through education, measurement and acknowledgement.

IAB Actionable Insights >

IAB hosts an educational series that equip you with knowledge about marketing trends which you can use in your strategies and planning.

IAB Industry Measurement >

Access valuable audience data provided by IAB Publishers members, an initiative led by the both the Publisher Council, and the Research & Measurement Council. Agencies, Publishers, and the wider industry can access the data through the IAB Industry Measurement dashboard, which is available without requiring a login.

IAB Bookmark Awards >

Every year, the IAB hosts the prestigious Bookmark Awards, a gathering where the industry converges to honour excellence in digital. Affectionately dubbed "The Bookmarks," this event sets the gold standard in digital marketing, spotlighting work in digital that deliver outstanding results.

Latest from IAB

2024 Bookmark Awards: Meet the Jury Panel

The IAB Bookmark Awards is pleased to introduce its nine jury panels for this year. The ninth panel will be judging a new category, Marketing Craft, the inclusion of which promises to raise the standards for digital excellence and innovation even higher. Meet the jurors and jury chairs here.

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2024 IAB SA-PWC AdSpend Report Survey: Calling for Industry Participation

The IAB SA, in conjunction with PWC, publishes the annual AdSpend Report to provide the digital media and marketing industry with accurate and reliable data about the digital investment landscape in the country. We call all industry players to please participate in the survey. Submissions deadline: 19 April 2024. See our press release.

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