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Ornico Releases SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024 – Now Available for Download

Ornico, a leading provider of reputation, media, advertising, and brand research, is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024. The report, which was unveiled during a webinar on Friday, 28 June 2024, is now available for download.

The SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024 offers a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends and insights shaping the South African social media landscape. This year’s report places a special focus on the impact of AI on brand integrity. With the rise of technologies capable of creating misinformation, disinformation, and deepfakes, the report underscores the need for brands to adopt measures to protect their reputation.

Key Highlights of the Report Include:

  • Current trends in social media usage and engagement in South Africa.
  • Platforms and technologies to watch in 2024.
  • The role of AI in shaping social media dynamics and brand integrity.
  • Strategies for combating misinformation and maintaining trust.
  • Insights into the ways that brands plan to manoeuvre through the complexities of the evolving social media environment.
  • Insights into consumer behaviour and preferences in the digital age.

To further explore these findings, Ornico and renowned industry expert Arthur Goldstuck hosted a webinar featuring renowned industry experts, including Khensani Nobanda (NedBank Group), Haydn Townsend (Accenture Song), Andrea Rademeyer (AskAfrica), being hosted by Ornico’s CEO, Oresti Patricios. During the webinar, Mr Goldstuck provided valuable context and deepened the discussion on the complexities outlined in the report. The webinar recording is available for viewing on YouTube.

Download the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024 directly from Ornico’s website.

Watch the insightful Webinar here on YouTube.

For more information about Ornico and the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2024, please visit our website at https://ornico.co/ and follow us on social media.

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