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2024 SA Social Media Landscape Report – Launch Webinar, 28 June 2024

The highly anticipated Social Media Landscape Report will be released on Friday, 28 June 2024 This comprehensive report delves into current trends and insights shaping the South African social media landscape, highlighting the impact of AI on brand integrity.

With many technologies which can now create misinformation, disinformation as well as deepfakes, brands need to take extraordinary measures to protect their reputation. To further explore these findings, Ornico and renowned industry expert Arthur Goldstuck are hosting a webinar on the same day featuring a carefully selected panel of experts.

The panellists, renowned for their expertise in digital rights, brand growth, and strategic marketing, will discuss strategies for navigating the complexities outlined in the report

Joining this insightful discussion are esteemed panellists:

Phumzile Van Damme

Renowned advocate and specialist in counter-disinformation and digital rights, Van Damme served as a Human Rights and Technology Fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Centre. With a background in combating online violence and promoting platform accountability, Phumzile offers invaluable insights into safeguarding brand integrity in an era of digital misinformation.

Khensani Nobanda

Group Executive for Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nedbank Group, Nobanda brings over two decades of experience in driving brand growth and innovation. Her leadership roles at Unilever, Diageo, and South African Breweries underscore her commitment to leveraging brands as a force for positive societal change and navigating the complexities of digital landscapes.

Haydn Townsend

EMEA Agency Chief Growth Officer for Accenture Song, Townsend oversees multi-market agency deals across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With a deep understanding of digital marketing and strategic planning, Haydn’s expertise in integrating global agencies and managing brand portfolios equips him to discuss maintaining brand integrity amidst evolving AI technologies.

Andrea Rademeyer

Executive Chair and Founder of Ask Afrika, Rademeyer advocates for market research as crucial for upholding truth and trust in today’s digital age, where she leads with a profound passion for its impact on business, societies, and individuals. Her commitment to “Liberating Truth for Humanity” positions her uniquely to tackle the challenges of maintaining brand integrity in the era of AI fakes.

Arthur Goldstuck

Founder of World Wide Worx, Mr Goldstuck leads Africa’s top technology research firm, specialising in Internet access, mobile trends, e-commerce, and social media dynamics. His insights navigate challenges like AI, crucial for businesses maintaining trust. Through influential columns and speaking engagements, Arthur guides on transparency and combating online misinformation, with his latest book, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI: A Handbook for All,” emphasising these efforts. His annual studies on internet and social media trends underscore brand integrity’s critical role in today’s digital realm, cementing his position as a trusted advisor.

Oresti Patricios

Renowned for his entrepreneurial drive and visionary leadership, Patricios leads Ornico, providing vital insights into navigating competitive landscapes and emerging threats. Leveraging his extensive experience in media and advertising, Oresti will provide insights to helps businesses tackle AI challenges to maintain trust and authenticity in today’s digital landscape.

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2024 SA Social Media Landscape Report Launch
Date:   Friday, 28 June 2024
Time:   10:00 – 11:00

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