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Digital Fundamentals


In this interactive online course, you will gain a high-level understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem as well as common terminology and essential processes that are used throughout the ad tech industry. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand fundamentals of buying, selling, measuring, and optimizing media, develop a foundational knowledge of digital media formats and how they work, as well as learn the digital media terms you need to navigate the digital advertising ecosystem.

The course consists of video presentations, interactive learning activities, and quizzes. A complete list of the presentation topics for each module is available below in the learning modules section.

In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must complete all modules and each of the quizzes.

You will have a full calendar year to complete this course.

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Who Should Register

  • Recent graduates or anyone new to the digital media industry
  • Sellers of traditional media transitioning to selling digital inventory
  • Agency representatives looking to have more informed conversations with clients
  • Marketers looking to understand how their message reaches the consumer

Learning Modules

Module 1: 

The Evolution of The Internet: In this first module, you will learn about the history of the internet and key milestones in its development.

  • Consumer Adoption of Digital Devices
  • A Brief History of the Internet
  • A Brief History of Mobile

Module 2:

Introduction to Digital Advertising: The second module of this course takes a look at the key players on the buy-side and sell-side of digital advertising, studies how both sides work together, and an introduction to key marketing concepts.

  • About Digital Advertising
  • Digital Advertising Players
  • Marketing Models

Module 3:

Types of Digital Media: The third module of this course examines the myriad of digital advertising formats and capabilities.

  • Introduction to Ad Formats & Creative Capabilities
  • Types of Digital Ad Environments
  • Types of Ad Formats

Module 4:

Understanding the Digital Ecosystem: The fourth module of the course takes a deep dive into the advertising technology ecosystem, and how marketers can create and measure successful data-driven campaigns for their brands.

  • Introduction to Advertising Technology
  • Automation & Programmatic Advertising
  • Programmatic Players & Technologies
  • Essential Advertising Technology Vendors
  • Media Transaction Types
  • Ad Trafficking
  • Targeting
  • About Data
  • Transparency & Compliance
  • Brand Safety & Ad Fraud
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Ad Tracking


IAB members: R4,750 (exc VAT)
Non-Members: R6,500 (exc VAT)

Please note that you have an option to write an exam at the end of the course, which is an additional cost.

To book, please e-mail hello@iabsa.net.