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We answer some of the questions most commonly asked of the IAB SA.

Who is the IAB internationally?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is an industry body that drives digital forward. Founded in 1996, the IAB headquarter is based in New York City. There are 47 IABs around the world. The not-for-profit, member driven industry body, represents a large number of the most prominent organisations collectively to empower these organisations to thrive in a digital economy.

IAB SA Industry Measurement

What is IAB SA Industry Measurement?

The IAB Industry Measurement Dashboard was developed in partnership with dY/dX. The Dashboard reports on the top publishers across South Africa and trends across gender, age and interests. The Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB South Africa) has formed a three-year publishing industry measurement partnership with dY/dX in 2023, to provide a standardised measurement currency for publishers that can be used across the South African online industry. The IAB South Africa Industry Measurement dashboard provides an industry-wide view of the state of audiences presented by online publishers in South Africa. IAB SA members using the tool will be able to filter audience data by publisher, publisher domain and audience as well as do comparisons by date, publisher and audience.

Why do we rank sites based on South African audience instead of worldwide audience?

We rank sites based on a local audience instead of a worldwide audience to ensure that our data is the most relevant to advertisers and agencies keen on targeting the local market.

Viewable impressions

What are viewable impressions and why are they important?

What does it mean for the pricing of digital display advertising? Why do discrepancies occur between different providers? How should you reconcile delivery with your clients or suppliers? Read more about viewable impressions in this FAQ document compiled by the IAB UK.

IAB initiatives

What initiatives can I access via the IAB?

The IAB has various councils and committees that lead initiatives on behalf of their verticals in the industry. The IAB SA Agency Council leads the Bookmark Awards. The Research and Measurement Council leads the IAB SA/ PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report, The Brand Council leads the Trusted Brand Council Round Table. The Education Council leads the Front Row, Actionable Insights, the Regulation Council ensures that we keep abreast of regulatory affairs eg POPIA. The Publisher Council in collaboration with the Measurement Council lead IAB Industry Measurement. The committees; Content Marketing Committee, Influencer Marketing Committee, Audio Committee to name a few, published white-papers and toolkits for you to make use of as resources to enable you to thrive in a digital economy.