Bookmarks 2016 category: Special Honours

Sub-category 1: Best Digital Student

Best student studying a digital course at an institution, including marketing and related disciplines such as UX. Think AAA or UJ.

Sub-category 2: Best Digital Youngster

Best person under 28 who has made a significant contribution to digital this year through their work – can be agency, publisher or other.

Sub-category 3: Brand of the Year

Company most supportive or innovative in the digital marketing space.

Sub-category 4: Best Marketer

Individual in a brand who most supports, encourages and succeeds using digital channels.

Sub-category 5: Best Publisher

What more is there to say? Based on performance in the 2016 Bookmarks and does NOT require a publisher to enter.

Sub-category 6: Best Digital Agency

What more is there to say? Based on performance in the 2016 Bookmarks and does NOT require an agency to enter.

Sub-category 7: Best Individual Contribution to Digital

Person who has made the greatest contribution to the digital industry in SA, agency, publisher or other. IAB SA  chairperson and CEO not eligible.

Overall criteria

  • Work entered must have been developed for an African or South African audience OR by a South African agency for an international audience.
  • Campaigns must have flighted betweenOctober 2014 and November 15 2015.
  • Platforms and apps may be re-entered, irrespective of launch date. The judges are allowed to look at growth or enhancements of previous entrants in judging.
  • All entrants must produce a “one-pager” PDF that sets out the essence of the entry. Judges are entitled to base their judging in the filter round on this one-pager.
  • Categories with fewer than 4 entries may be cancelled (and entry fees refunded).

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