Bookmarks 2016 category: Platforms

Sub-category 1: Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites and Responsive Sites

All websites, either desktop or responsive, for any commercial purpose. Entrants may want to consider whether their entry is more appropriate in E-Commerce or Microsites but the category is open to ANY commercial or retail website. Think

Sub-category 2: Microsites

Any microsite built to promote a particular product or service in the commercial space. Typically has a limited lifespan, and should not be the primary website for a brand which would then be entered into the Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites category. Think the site for the new VW Polo.

Sub-category 3: Public Service, NPO or Cause Sites

Any website for a public or not-for-profit organisation or cause. Think the Western Cape government website.

Sub-category 4: Web Applications

A rich, web-based application designed to run in a browser – will be judged by its utility, functionality and technical strength. Think Google Docs.

Sub-category 5: E-Commerce Sites

Any site offering e-commerce and sale of items as its primary function. Think

Sub-category 6: Mobile App

Any application installed on a mobile device – phone or tablet. Think Uber.

Sub-category 7: Mobile Site

Any site specifically designed for browing on a mobile phone, including feature phones. Think

Sub-category 8: Games and Gamification

Original games designed for phone, web or console; use of game thinking to ‘gamify’ other properties such as websites, apps or intranets. Think FarmVille.

Sub-category 9: Internal Sites

Sites such as intranets that are not open to the public and are designed for internal business purposes. Think the Nedbank Intranet.

Sub-category 10: Software

Any software application sitting behind a digital execution, be it mobile, web or any other. Will be judged by a jury of coders. Think the code sitting behind Google Search.

Overall criteria

  • Work entered must have been developed for an African or South African audience OR by a South African agency for an international audience.
  • Campaigns must have flighted between October 2014 and November 15 2015.
  • Platforms and apps may be re-entered, irrespective of launch date. The judges are allowed to look at growth or enhancements of previous entrants in judging.
  • All entrants must produce a “one-pager” PDF that sets out the essence of the entry. Judges are entitled to base their judging in the filter round on this one-pager.
  • Categories with fewer than 4 entries may be cancelled (and entry fees refunded).

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