Nic Haralambous Speaking At Heavy Chef In May: The End Of Retail As We Know It

Nic Harry EventAfter a successful event series focusing on FinTech, Heavy Chef shifts focus to the entrepreneurs shaking things up in the African startup space. Heavy Chef will focus on those rare individuals who are making a true dent in our universe. We look at people starting things, growing things and selling things.

First up: Nic Haralambous, CEO / Founder of

Our first speaker in this new Heavy Chef series is the irrepressibly loud, super cocky, hellz opinionated, undeniably stylish and oddly handsome Mr Nic Haralambous, founder of

Nic will be talking to us on the 30th May, at Primedia’s studios in Cape Town. Nic started his fashion brand only three years ago. He has experienced a strong growth curve since then, opening a chain of retail outlets throughout South Africa to supplement his e-commerce site. Nic will talk to us about his journey, and share his thoughts on retail. Of particular interest: Nic believes there is a massive retail reset taking place, how e-commerce is affecting this, which brands are surviving and what it all means.

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This talk is brought to you by Heavy Chef, the platform for people that DO, and partners: Primedia, New Media Publishing, Backsberg, CBC, Sir Fruit and WWC.”