Meet Mike Carter – Innovation Council

Mike Carter

The IAB talks to Mike Carter in a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who are you?

I am the Special Projects Director for Maxaxion (part of the Silverstone Group). Fortunate enough to have been immersed in digital at a very early stage of the game having headed up one of the first digital bureau’s in London in the early 90’s embracing Apple and Scitex technology through to being the Creative lead on F1 branding projects to Coke new product launches. Locally playing a role in building one of South Africa’s biggest social networks, Mxit (RIP) with social experiments such Askmi and DemocraCITY generating mass participation across mobile for social engagement. The last 5 years the focus has been across the programmatic landscape and the tech stack required to execute successful campaigns both demand and creative layers for major local and international agencies and brands…more to come!

What Council?

Innovation Council

Why are you there?

When I was first approached to join the IAB it was with a single mission to help breach the knowledge gap that existed around the programmatic buying landscape. It was a good fit given I was able to leverage both international and local relationships with both local agencies and big tech players that are driving this new way of doing business. Convincing these tech players to come in market to educate or at the very least share learnings seems to be something that has gone someway to bridging that gap.

Why are you a part of the IAB?

Most of us run and operate in silos day to day so to be part of this energetic Industry body it allows you to have a much broader view of what factors that impacting us from regulatory, legal, transformation, all shaping this country’s future. What’s exciting for me is Innovation actually resides across all councils and is certainly not restricted media buying so the hope is that as we evolve we can have a seat/sub council in each and include broader topics of discussion.