Meet Marc Du Plessis – Incoming Chair of the IAB Publisher council

Marc du Plessis

The IAB talks to Marc Du Plessis in a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who are you?

I am the incoming Chair of the IAB Publisher council. I am also the joint-CEO of Spark Media, an advertising and media solutions sales house. We are firm believers in revolutionary, evidence-based marketing principles and invest heavily into local South African research. I have 11 years’ experience in the media and publishing industry, and for the last 8 years, a real focus in digital transformation and digital innovation.

What Council?

Publisher Council

Why are you there?

To further grow and protect the interests of the IAB publisher members. To make an impact in the new world thwart with issues around brand safety, fake news and declining revenues being channelled to quality content publishers. Quality content and journalism does not come for free, IAB publishers bring this to the table coupled with guaranteed brand safety, advertisers need to take this into account when investing their digital budgets.

Why are you a part of the IAB?

I have a passion for learning and growing. The IAB provides a platform for publishers, advertisers and agencies to grow their knowledge and keep up to date with global trends. I also feel that it is our duty as South African marketing and media people to play a role in protecting and growing our place in the sun.