Meet Fiona Buchner –Transformation and Education Council

Fiona Buchner

The IAB talks to Fiona Buchner who is the Transformation and Education coordinator and support to the chairman of the council.

Who are you?

I am the Transformation and Education coordinator at the IAB. I am also a Marketing Strategist with over 20 years’ experience in marketing, the vast majority of which has been in the digital space having started my career in digital, being the Brand Executive for and moving onto work on Liberty Life’s Ecommerce venture, becoming Managing Director of Peppers ad Rogers Group South Africa, working for Osiris as Head of Retention Marketing for 15 of their international online brands and heading up South African Tourism eMarketing division before leaving the corporate environment to run my own consulting company. In my consulting capacity, I have worked on numerous brands – online and traditional, both from an agency side, a customer side and as a strategic business facilitator.

What Council?

Transformation and Education.

Why are you there?

There is so much work to do to drive forward the transformation and education agenda that it was decided that the IAB needed a resource on a part time basis to dedicate time and energy to the work.

Supporting the Chairperson, Oupa Monamodi and the rest of the council, my role is to ensure we achieve our transformation objectives and support the development of the professional body.  With many years’ experience in the digital environment, I am using my knowledge of skills needed and used in the industry as well as my industry connections and network to make this happen.

Why are you a part of the IAB?

I have an immense amount of passion for skills development in the digital industry and this is a fabulous platform to engage and make a difference.