Meet Andrew Allison – Head of Regulatory Affairs Council

Andrew-AllisonThe IAB talks to Andrew Allison in the first of a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who am I?
I’m the Chief Operating Officer of the Red & Yellow School, a Director of WPP agencies Mirum (previously Quirk) and NotNorm, and the Head of Regulatory Affairs for the IAB. I worked in Johannesburg and London as a corporate finance lawyer, before moving home to Cape Town to join Quirk as Chief Financial Officer in 2010. I’m also a qualified accountant.

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What Council?
Regulatory Affairs Council

Why Am I Here?
The digital age offers limitless opportunities to improve the lives of all South Africans. If we are going to really capitalise on these opportunities, our society and economy needs to embrace change, encourage innovation, reward entrepreneurialism, and promote free speech and debate. We will achieve none of this without a progressive regulatory framework and constructive collaboration between lawmakers, the government and the private sector. This necessary fertile balance won’t happen without hard work from people who care. I’m really just trying to do my civic duty.

Why Am I Part of the IAB
The IAB represents members across the depth and breadth of South Africa’s digital industry, and whom collectively have the power to ensure that our country is not only the technology power house on the African continent, but potentially a global leader. The IAB offers a means for digital businesses to help our politicians develop good policies and laws, and to challenge harmful ones. It provides a means for building and sharing knowledge, promoting best practice, and championing a South African digital experience that is fair, free and open. Once again, I believe passionately that technology lies at the heart of our future national prosperity, and the IAB is uniquely placed to have a deeply impactful role in securing this.