IAB South Africa/PwC Online Adspend Study Have you been left out?

PwC and the IAB have performed a domestic digital advertising expenditure analysis for the past 3 years, with various market participants both from the online & mobile publishing and agency sector contributing.  This analysis has been able to effectively quantify the size of the Internet (Online & Mobile) media revenues in South Africa for the respective years.

We have received excellent feedback from the market, and as the analysis is based on actual figures, we believe that it provides realistic, reliable and trustworthy data that is useful to you and your organisation.  PwC has a similar relationship in various other territories across the world and this study is therefore accepted as the most comprehensive measure of online and mobile advertising.

If you have not been participating in our previous studies, then you should no longer be left out.

Benefits of participating

We all know that we are living in an era where knowledge is power, and if you have received this request for participation then you are undoubtedly interested in more in-depth, accurate and more timely data pertaining to Online & Mobile advertising industry in South Africa.  From us at PwC and the IAB, that is exactly what we want to provide you with.

We cannot however meet these needs without wide-spread participation from the industry.  That is participation from YOU.

We believe that data that is more accurate, more disaggregated and more frequent will result in the following:
– Improved understanding and knowledge of the Online & Mobile media revenues in South-Africa;
– Improved decision making for you and / or the clients that you represent based on higher quality data that you have available;
– Improved evidence of the growth and size of the Online & Mobile media revenues in South-Africa when you have to compare it to other traditional media revenues; and
– Improved comparison of the size, growth and trends in the South-African market to that of other territories.

We believe that your participation will in turn provide you with data that will be extremely useful to you and your organisation.  As a participant you will receive full access at no cost to the full report detailing all of the results.

What can we achieve with better participation?

With better participation we believe that we can provide you with information that is:
– More accurate – As the analysis is based on actual figures, the more market participants we have, the more accurate the analysis;
– More in-depth – Our ideal is to provide disaggregated data that is relevant to you and your organisation and the decisions that you need to make; and
– More timely – We hope that with more participants that we can streamline the process and report on the data in a manner which is timely and relevant to you and your organisation.

I am considering participating, what now?

In order to take part we ask that you provide details of your digital advertising revenues (after discounts and agency commission) as per the attached spreadsheet for January to December 2016.

We want to ensure that we are engaging with the correct persons at your organisation.  Therefore if you are not the right person to complete the collection process, then please contact us on iab.survey@za.pwc.com to let us know, we will really appreciate it if you could include the details of the correct contact person to ensure that we can contact them as soon as possible.

The PwC team will be reviewing the data and may have some follow up questions for you if required. If you would like a copy of the results from other territories where the study is already conducted, then just email us at iab.survey@za.pwc.com.

Please note that data will be reported directly to PwC and is held in strictest confidence. No company specific information is ever reported or shared with anyone, including the IAB and only non-company specific data will be reported in aggregated format.  If you have any concerns regarding privacy we urge you to contact us so that we can discuss the process in more detail with you.  We also ask that you have a look at some of our previous reports to see for yourself that the information presented will in no way compromise the confidentiality of your information.

I am considering participating, but I need some more convincing

If you are considering participating but you require a bit more convincing, or you have some questions that this invitation did not answer, then we ask that you please contact us and we will gladly come and have a cup of coffee with you, or give you a call to address your concerns.  We understand that this is a relatively new study and we therefore encourage having these discussions to hopefully illustrate the benefits of participating to you and your organisation.

So what exactly do I need to provide?

We ask that you provide details of your digital advertising revenues (after discounts and agency commission) as per the attached excel spreadsheet for January to December 2016.

The excel spreadsheet has disaggregated data fields which we ask that you complete as accurately as possible.  We understand that your organisation might not keep track of data in this specific format and therefore where indicated we do ask that you provide us with your best estimate.  

How do I submit my online and mobile data?

Please send your survey to the secure email address for PwC to incorporate your results into the survey, iab.survey@za.pwc.com.

We will confirm the receipt of your submission, therefore if you have not heard from us, please contact us so that we can ensure that your survey has been received.

Any other questions?
If you have any questions regarding any part of this project, please contact PwC at iab.survey@za.pwc.com.


IAB SA Online and Mobile 2016 Collection Sheet

The completion date for this wave of the study is 5th May 2017. We will be releasing more details of when the results of the survey will be communicated shortly.


We are committed to ensuring that this study remains the most comprehensive measure of online and mobile advertising and therefore we will appreciate any feedback.  Please send feedback through to Elenor Jensen or Louis de Jager at iab.survey@za.pwc.com.