On 31st October 2017, IAB SA held its Annual General Meeting via video conference in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, courtesy of Native VML.

The heads of each of the IAB councils presented progress made in the past year and touched on objectives for the upcoming year.

One common theme was that each council looks forward to another active year ahead as excitement builds around the upcoming AB Digital Summit, firmly establishing itself as the premier digital event on the African continent, followed by the 10th Annual Bookmark Awards on the 1st March 2018

Some key highlights from the AGM

The Publisher Council held its first fake news and brand safety round table in October, with several high profile participants (including Agency member representatives) collaborating in this important digital dialogue. This inaugural task team agreed to ongoing discussion and solution orientated progress, promising regular content to be developed and shared with members.

The council offered special thanks to Izak Minnaar, for representing IAB as a signatory to the Issue Paper on Perspectives on universal free access to online information in South Africa, focusing specifically on free public wi fi and zero-rated content. IAB’s collaboration and support for ASA and PCSA and supporting the fight for a free press remains an ongoing focus for the Publisher Council.

The Agency Council reported much valued support from a wide cross-section of volunteers focussing on education, guidelines and benefits, including understanding best practice and common issues facing the agency members.  The council’s initiatives include salary benchmarking, discussions around pitch guidelines and collaborations with other trade bodies. This council was also instrumental in putting together the categories, criteria and judging panel nominees for #Bookmarks2018

The Marketing Council announced plans to merge the Brand and Marketing Councils to increase efficiencies and avoid duplication of effort. Key focus on the upcoming launch of the newly designed IABSA.net website with thanks to several councils for this collaborative effort to create a more user friendly and member orientated website which IAB hopes will become the go-to digital portal for South Africa’s digital media and marketers. Exciting additions such as members area with exclusive access to business tool kits, legal documents and more will be revealed when the site launches before the end of November 2017.

Members were updated on the ongoing development of the Professional Body to designate ‘Digital Professionals’.  IAB issued a call for support on provincial board nominations and participation in the Transformation & Education Council’s upcoming designation workshops to facilitate and accelerate the enablement of transformation and education in the digital industry.

Finalisation of the RFP and presentations to the Measurement Council will conclude the measurement tender process, and an announcement will be made to members before the end of 2017.

The Research Council announced the final version of the 2016 online adspend report in conjunction with PwC.  It was released earlier this week to media and members and is now available to IAB members on request from hello@iabsa.net. IAB’s Research Council will be hosting a workshop early December during which role players will be invited to participate in a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in ensuring a robust report for 2017 by outlining and agreeing top-line outcomes for the report to be meaningful and meet stated objectives.

The new Head of Regulatory Affairs Council, Pria Chetty, was announced. Special thanks and acknowledgement were given to Andrew Allison who is stepping down after more than four years of valued voluntary service. The council reported on several critical legislative submissions and successes this year. These will be detailed in full, along with more details on all of the above mentioned highlights during our year end review for IAB members.