IAB Education 2017 – contribute now and score Skills Development and Responsible Social Marketing BEE Points for 2016!

cpd1As 2016 draws to a rapid close, we are thrilled to announce that the IAB SA will be taking an active role in education, learning and development in 2017.

We will not become a training institution, but rather, will partner with those providers already in the industry to achieve several strategic goals including the need to provide a mechanism for us to create a greater awareness of interactive advertising and marketing as a profession and, in doing so, to drive professionalism, ethics and discipline within our industry; to encourage transformation of the sector by actively participating in industry Learnerships; professional qualification and Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”); further to play an active role in advocacy for the industry amongst our customers and to actively participate in the crucial role of Responsible Marketing.

To this end, we have identified a task team who will work to develop content to provide learning to students around the objectives of Responsible Marketing as well as provide information and an opportunity to all members to participate in industry initiatives. We will be working with tertiary institutions and learning providers to provide structured learning programmes for new entrants to the industry and to include learning content that specifically focuses on the objectives of Responsible Marketing.

This process will require funding and we appeal to all members to consider making a contribution towards the “IAB SA Transformation Fund” in support of your B-BBEE scorecards. We have established a separate bank account to receive contributions and we will provide all evidence needed for measurement within your scorecard. The contributions received will be used to develop, design and implement programmes that focus on industry Learnerships, professional registration and Responsible Marketing content for existing learning institutions. This can be claimed as Skills Development spend or as Responsible Marketing investment on your BEE scorecard.

While we understand that many of you have already carved out well-made plans for 2016, we urge you to participate in this programme as we cannot do this without your financial support and whatever contributions you can make will go a long way as we embark on a journey of ensuring that our members, and our industry works towards professionalisation and transformation in 2017.

If you would like further information or are interested in participating please contact Michelle on 011 475 4258 or email michelle@iabsa.net