IAB Arena: understanding the digital advertising ecosystem

Digital advertising is a complex, vibrant, technology-driven industry that changes often. The IAB Arena – launched by the IAB in the US – is a simplified representation of the digital advertising ecosystem that shows how the different pieces and players work together to create and deliver advertising to consumers, using campaign optimisation and measurement for the best results.

Peter Minnium, head of brand initiatives at the IAB in the US, writes on the IABlog: “As part of our Digital Simplified series we set out to, well, simplify the depiction of this valuable system with The IAB Arena. The resulting ‘Arena’ illustration is designed to portray, from a marketer’s perspective, how advertising messages are delivered to consumers in the vibrant and ever-expanding ecosystem of digital advertising.

“We just launched an interactive video of the Arena powered by Rapt Media, created for professionals and students of all levels to learn how the different players, parts and technology work together to create, sell, distribute and measure digital advertising. Users can easily navigate around the six Arena rings to select the parts of the ecosystem they’d like to learn more about. There is also an interactive diagram that explains the Arena at a higher level.”

Click to watch the interactive video and navigate the IAB Arena.