Regulatory Affairs Council

The IAB’s Regulatory Affairs Council is responsible for keeping abreast of developments and changes in the South African digital regulatory environment, and for championing IAB members in ensuring that their rights are protected and their interests advanced.

The portfolio also acts as liaison between the public and members whose conduct falls short of the principles of good and responsible practice espoused in the IAB SA’s Code of Conduct, and advises the IAB board on legal and governance matters.

The objectives of the portfolio, in addition to looking after the above, are to increase members’ awareness of regulatory and legal matters that affect their businesses; to help the IAB SA develop digital best practice in South Africa; and to give members a basic set of standard tools and policies to help raise the bar in South Africa for responsible digital business.

In 2016, the portfolio will engage the government, a variety of industry bodies, members and other stakeholders in the development of a more robust South African regulatory framework that protects vulnerable groups (such as children) from abusive digital practices, but which nevertheless fosters the continued growth of free and fair online conversation. Educational efforts will continue in the form of regulatory newsletter briefings providing relevant updates and guidance, workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg on topical legal issues, and the production of a suite of legal documents and policies for use by members in their businesses.

Council members 

Head: Andrew Allison from Quirk

Advisers: Pria Chetty (Endcode)

Denise Fouche


  • Responding on behalf of IAB SA and its members to various issues affecting the industry.
  • Providing information, education and regular updates to members on legal issues.


  • Education
  • Legislation
  • Regulation

Current projects

  • Working with multiple stakeholders to promote IAB members’ interests in South Africa’s developing online content regulatory environment
  • IAB Legal Brief, a quarterly mailer sent to members on legal issues and news of interest to members.

Useful information

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