Publishing Council

The Publisher Council is responsible for publisher members and ensuring various publisher-related issues are dealt with and that publisher members are represented at IAB SA board level.

Council members

Head: Nathi Maramnco (TMG)

Deirdre Ingpen (

Lisa MacLeod (Times Media)

Izak Minnaar (SABC)

Marc du Plessis (Caxton)

Styli Charalambous (Daily Maverick)

Chris Borain  (M&G)

Tim Spira (ENCA)

Kyle Hauptfleisch (Primemedia)



  • Responding on behalf of IAB SA publisher members to various issues affecting the industry.
  • Providing information, education and regular updates to publisher members.
  • Appointing publisher judges for The Bookmarks Awards and assisting in establishing categories and criteria for the awards.
  • Representing IAB SA members at various regulatory bodies and involved in appointing the IAB SA measurement vendor and managing the relationship and drafting of vendor contracts on behalf of members.


  • Education on latest developments in the industry
  • Regulation
  • Issues affecting publishers
  • Benefits

Current projects

  • Working on IAB publisher member event.
  • Working with industry bodies on regulation of the industry.
  • Various other projects with regards to publishers and benefits for publisher members.