Measurement Council

The Measurement Council is responsible for the accurate measurement of IAB SA members as well as ensuring measurement data are used to grow the digital industry in South Africa.Head:  Ryan Harris (FNB)


  • The committee overseas awarding tenders to independent third-party measurement providers.
  • It maintains the relationships between IAB SA members and the measurement providers.
  • It advises on rules and best practice for measurement methodology.
  • The committee also handles day-to-day member measurement queries.
  • It participates within SAARF, I-COM and DiMTeC (the Digital Measurement Technical Committee) to ensure digital industries are measured consistently and accurately.
  • The committee also facilitates the dissemination of IAB SA member measurement data into planning tools.


  • The Measurement Council’s first and foremost objective is accuracy.
  • The next objective is to use measurement data to grow the digital industry.

Current projects

  • The inclusion of IAB SA/Effective Measure data into Telmar Internet Planner.
  • Measurement of digital audiovisual properties as well as applications.
  • Revision of the demographic questionnaire.

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