Agency Council

The Agency Council is responsible for agency or non-publisher members, ensuring agency members are represented at IAB SA board level.

Council members 

Head: Fred Roed (World Wide Creative)


  • Responding on behalf of IAB SA agency members to various issues affecting the industry.
  • Providing information, education and regular updates to agency members.
  • Appointing judges for The Bookmarks Awards and assisting with judge selection for the Creative Circle quarterly digital awards and Loeries digital judges.
  • Involved in criteria for Loeries digital categories.


  • Education
  • Guidelines
  • Benefits

Current projects


  • Partnering with industry organisations such as the Creative Circle, Loeries and AMF to ensure cohesion and collaborative within the digital industry.
  • Selecting experienced and representative judges for digital panels in awards shows during the year.
  • Introducing Innovation events to stimulate agencies to produce ground-breaking work.
  • Salary survey to showcase uniquely digital skills within the South African marketing industry.