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365 Digital is an end-to-end publisher solutions company that provides publishers superior monetisation channels and technology while offering advertisers and agencies access to bespoke advertising opportunities and marketplaces of premium ad inventory.

As South Africa’s largest premium publisher network, 365 Digital works with many of the country’s largest digital publishers. Having pioneered vertical media in South Africa, the 365 Digital network not only offers scalable premium inventory solutions across a mix of content rich, brand safe environments, it also offers significant performance offerings throughout its segmented inventory pools.

365 Digital is proudly part of the Mark1 Media family of companies.


Through unique relationships with South Africa’s premier online publishers, agencies and advertisers can speak to their exact audience, enabling measurable and successful digital marketing campaigns.

From premium tenancy deals, sponsorships, takeovers and high impact rich media ad units, to full programmatic direct campaigns run across a large portfolio of curated, premium publishers, agencies and advertisers can have full confidence that their brands are being seen by the right audience in brand safe environments with full transparency.


365 Digital is the trusted partner to some of South Africa’s premier online publishers and manage their site monetisation, yield management, ad operations and data management needs.

365 Digital Private Marketplace

365 Digital’s Programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP), the industry-leading local marketplace offering Trading Desks, Agencies and Advertisers Programmatic access to South Africa’s premium publishers. The 365 Digital PMP allows agencies to reach the right audiences in a real-time bidding environment. Run campaigns with full transparency, efficiency and cost effectively across our entire portfolio or just one of curated South African publishers. It also enables publishers to open up a second tier of monetisation within their ad waterfall structure.

Data Management: Lotame DMP

365 Digital has been awarded the official resellers of Lotame in Africa. Lotame is the world’s largest and most trusted Data Management Platform.

Publishers, agencies and brands across the continent can now own Lotame DMP licences either in full or via a child seat. Publishers have the opportunity to join the Mark1 data exchange – expanding on the data available on the African market. 365 Digital’s partnership with Lotame ensures unrivalled local support and training, ensuring your team is equipped to unlock the full potential of a Data Management Platform. The Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) is the largest global data network in the world with 6.8 Billion monthly uniques.