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A fool and his knowledge are soon parted

Nick SarnadasBy Nick Sarnadas, event director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery

Hey, did you hear the one about Pope Francis shocking the world by endorsing Donald Trump for president? He even released a statement! And, oh my gosh, this story must be shared fast, far and wide, a woman stabbed her husband to death because he neglected her sexual needs (we don’t really want to go into the details, but yeah you can find the story easily enough).

Fake, fake, fake! Yet, these two stories together received almost 1,5 million Facebook engagements and are but two of the 50 top “fake news” articles of 2016 (there are a gazillion more, really.)

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RIP Tony Koenderman

Tony-Koenderman-380x475Tony Koenderman sadly passed away on Sunday 9th April.  He was a legend in the advertising industry, he was a passionate and dedicated gentleman.  Tony founded AdReview and he contributed columns in both Financial Mail and Finweek focusing on the advertising industry.  Tony was inducted to the Loeries Hall of Fame in 2015.

He is survived by his wife Christine and his children Tonya, Samantha and Gregory.  He will be sorely missed.

Meltwater Webinar – this Thursday

Biz_Breakfast_Banner_Africa_600x200According to Steve Jobs, “Every once in while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” Enter Augmented Reality (AR), a technological innovation that’s set to disrupt not only the way in which brand markets themselves, but the very nature of how we as people interact with the world around us.

Join Meltwater and the IAB Digital Summit’s AR specialist, Johan Walters of Clicks2Customers, for an interactive webinar where we’ll be diving into what augmented reality has to offer brands today, and more importantly, how you can go about leveraging it for unparalleled levels of customer engagement.  Register Now:

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) gears up for a busy year

PRC logoThe Publisher Research Council (PRC) was created to meet the needs of fast changing reading behaviour across both traditional and digital reading platforms and to provide an innovative “Gold Standard” Reader Audience Measurement founded on global and local best practice, expertise and resources.

The PRC is a not for profit company that represents the interests of both print and online publishers in South Africa. It conducts audience and efficacy research on behalf of members, while providing research on broader media audiences for advertisers and their agencies.

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Marketing Personalisation 2.0: Growing Brand Communities

Meltwater Marketing Personalisation 2.0Register here:

Real marketing personalisation is about more than just paid targeting (and re-targeting). It’s about engaging in an authentic dialogue with the people who matter most to your business – and doing so on their terms. One approach that’s emerged in response to the modern marketer’s mandate of more relevance and less intrusiveness, has been the creation of branded content “ecosystems”.  But building these semi-personalised online communities around your service or product is easier said than done – and what’s even more challenging is figuring out exactly how to make them financially viable.
Fret not however, as this Thursday you’re invited to join Meltwater and Joshin Raghubar – founder of Pan-African engagement agency, iKineo Ventures, for a free Webinar that will uncover both how to grow your brand community, as well as how to leverage it for maximum impact on your bottom line.

Training that will change your career by Webgrowth

webgrowth-training.001Webgrowth’s learning path is designed to stretch your thinking and challenge your current marketing techniques – their analytical approach to digital marketing can be used for a mom and pop shop to the most advanced corporate company in Africa.

Offering a special discount to IAB SA members, here is an upcoming course and workshop.

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Maggs On Media chats to IAB CEO Josephine Buys

Maggs On Media chats to IAB CEO Josephine Buys about what to expect at the 3rd annual IAB #DigitalSummit powered by Accenture Interactive and #Bookmarks2017 

Save the date: 16 March 2017, tickets on sale soon! 



ECR House & Garden Show Set To Shine In 2017

Renewed partnerships and bold new moves announced for KZN’s longest standing home show.

In 2017 the East Coast Radio House & Garden Show will wow audiences from across the country for a record 37th consecutive time, bringing with it a host of innovations.

The company has renewed their title sponsorship with KZN’s radio station, East Coast Radio, taking the relationship into its 14th consecutive year.

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When fame is no longer enough: Brand ambassadors in the age of social media

JP Kloppers – BrandsEye CEO

Starting in the 1940s and ‘50s, celebrity endorsements began changing the marketing landscape. Soap, shampoo, suntan lotion: Ronald Reagan himself endorsed a brand of cigarettes. Leveraging Hollywood stars’ power and recognisability, companies first tapped into the potential of the Big Screen.

1948 ad featuring Roland Regan in Life Magazine


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Are you ready for 2017?

By Nick Sarnadas, event director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery

What does your gut feel say? Well, here’s the deal. No longer is it viable to rely on your intuition to know where your marketing campaign is heading. We are now living in a data analytics world – and if that does not sound as exciting as the material one decades ago, believe us (or at least the trend setters who have studied this growing technology phenomenon) data analysis will take you to the next level.

Analyse it, use it well and be set to soar! But do remember to look at solid (that’s reliable and not vague) data. Garbage in, garbage out, still applies.

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