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Creative Circle & DMMA (IAB SA) quarterly digital ad winners revealed

The Creative Circle Ad of the Month results for January 2014 have been announced, and the chairperson for the advertising judging panel that month, Justin Gomes of FoxP2, comments: “Our first Ad of the Month in Cape Town for a long, long time so hopes were high for a great month, but alas, fortune vomited on our eiderdown (with apologies to Blackadder).

“None of the winning TV, Radio or Print work broke the 60 barrier (60 to 69 rated as strong.) Entry numbers were low as well, with Outdoor being carried over (again.) Let’s hope the quality starts improving closer to the Cannes deadline. On the upside, Digital had a stronger showing with a very clear winner. In true FoxP2 tradition, the winners (and anyone remotely connected to them) were treated to warmish tequila on the balcony as the iPod shuffle gods played on from inside a fortified hamster cage.”

Category January 2014
Print 1. Bose/Noise Cancelling Headphones “Kurt/James/Elvis” – Ogilvy JHB
2. Flight Centre/Student Flights “Cupcake/Toilet/Nose” – TBWA Hunt Lascaris
3. NSRI/Wear a Lifejacket “Word Search” – Ogilvy CT
Radio 1. Exclusive Books “A Sport of Bother/The Road/1984/Cement Garden” – Net#Work BBDO
2. Rape Wise “National Anthem” – Ogilvy CT
3. Independent Newspapers/Cape Times “Incy Wincy” – Lowe CT
Film 1. National Geographic Channel “Mandela Lives” – Ireland Davenport
2. Brandhouse/Smirnoff 1818 “People’s Stadium” – JWT CT
3. Gidani (Pty) Ltd/Lotto “Taxi” – Draftfcb JHB
Digital 1. FNB/Banking “ATM Switch” – Gloo
2. Ditsong Museum of National Military History “War is not A Game” – Ireland Davenport
3. BMW “7 Series” – Gloo
Out of
Too few entries, held over to next month

January 2014 digital judges

Mark Tomlinson, Hellocomputer (chair)
Gavin Whitfield, Saatchi & Saatchi
Conn Bertish, Quirk
Andrew Shaw, Isobar
Ryan McManus, Native
Michael van den Heerik, TJDR
Dallas du Toit, Gloo

Digital chair comments

This quarter the gems were few and far between, but one thing that was very clear to the entire judging panel is that it is probably time to standardize our entry criteria and formats. A note to those who didn’t win, it is imperative to clearly articulate your work, the problem and your solution with the various results, else it is very difficult for judges to understand the context.

In digital we often get caught up in the allure of new technology, and innovation, but the winner demonstrates good old fashioned smart thinking. It’s one of those ideas that when you see it, you wish you had thought of it, and it’s so elegant in its simplicity. This piece is Gloo’s work for FNB ATM switch, which cleverly uses other banks ATM ads and some tech to switch non-FNB customers at ATMs by reminding them that they are paying more for using other banks ATMs. By then entering their cell phone numbers, an FNB banker can promptly call them back and switch them within hours, and in future avoid the cost of other bank inter-ATM charges. Very Smart indeed! See it here:

Next up was Ireland Davenports piece for The Ditsong Museum of National Military History, where they surreptitiously disguised their rich media banner ad for one of the world’s most popular first person war games, COD, and intercepted a previously disinterested audience that is the gaming community in SA. Notoriously fickle, they offered this audience on the NAG website a free level of the game, only to play out a beautifully crafted animation of a FPS game, where once shot the player does not respawn, reminding them that some soldiers die and stay dead. This is a chilling message about those who lost their lives in WW1 and 2, the type of soldiers who are part of the history at The Ditsong Museum. It is an intelligent play on connecting this audience with the very real consequences of war. See it here:

Lastly Gloo is back in third place, for their immersive, high fidelity iPad banner experience for BMW’s 7 Series. Whilst swiping through the iPad version of Maverick, they allow users to elegantly transition into the rear seat of the 7 Series, and spend time relaxing and exploring the creature comforts on offer. It’s an example of the innovation that has won Gloo countless awards where here they use the accelerometer as the browsing interface, so by holding the iPad up and moving it around, the user gets a first person perspective of the car. See it here:

Congratulations to all the winners.

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