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The future state of retail, according to DigitLab

There is a unique relationship between the retail industry and the digital world. Retail has more potential than almost any other industry to create serendipitous experiences for consumers; mainly because retailers tend to control the entire supply chain, from manufacture to customer purchase.

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DigiChat with Andrea: online audience measurement in SA

Much confusion lies in the measurement of South Africa’s online audience. Unique browsers, page impressions, unique users … numbers and explanations are often bandied around with flair but with little understanding of the difference between the numbers, how they’re derived or what they mean.
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Realmdigital enables Real Meal Revolution e-book to sell digitally

Tim Noakes’ Real Meal Revolution has had phenomenal success among South African readers, and it hasn’t stopped there – this book is set to change the way the world eats. It is not surprising that it has crept onto international bookshelves and that it is ranking as a bestseller.
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SA reboots with Break.Make.Create

Break.Make.Create is South Africa’s newest hackathon, launched to not only improve the skills set of the marketing industry, but also to give all creative, technical-minded and innovative thinkers the chance to tinker, craft and play.

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