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AutoTrader Smash Online Fraud

Autotrader desktopAutoTrader Marketplace – a game-changing new platform

South Africa’s online vehicle trading market is booming, with hundreds of private vehicles advertised online at any one point in time. But while trade is flourishing, crime continues to rise. The last SAPS report detailed 55,010 cars stolen in one year1, with a significant number arising from elecronic media fraud.

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IAB SA is forming a digital professional body – get involved

You are invitedPlease join us for an update on our work to create a credible, growing skills base for our industry.  The IAB SA is in the process of  facilitating the development of a Professional Body, which will allow recognition and standardisation of digital skills profiles and designations in the digital industry.

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Algorithm Agency launch new comprehensive search analysis & accountability tool

In the world of digital marketing in 2017 there is an increasing focus on transparency and performance. Since the beginning of digital advertising/marketing, a key selling point has always been measurability, yet this seldom filters through to clients in any meaningful way.

One area that this is especially an issue is in search marketing and in specific the field of SEO. For many clients, the performance of their SEO campaign remains a mystery beyond the standard (and let’s be honest) less than useful metrics like ranking position. Until now there has not been an easy and visual way to view SEO performance from a business perspective and to supply data that for a marketing manager or business owner can guide and inform actual business strategy and decisions

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AutoTrader says #ByeByePrint #HelloDigital in industry defining move

For 25 years waiting rooms and living rooms have been anchored by the thick wedge that was AutoTrader’s flagship – a magazine with pages densely packed with cars for sale from all throughout the country. This month the magazine says goodbye to the South African public; a milestone that is both an end and a bold new beginning, and goes fully digital for the first time.

AutoTrader CEO George Mienie said, “The magazine was the start of our business and was the heart of the business for 15 years before the transition to digital started in 2008. At one stage it was so popular that our printers told us we had to hold off as the magazine size was going to break the binder! In fact, there were several instances when AutoTrader was late to retail shelves as a result of it having broken the binders. But today we live in a far more exciting reality. There’s no doubt that it’s time to fully embrace the digital age.”

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The State of Social Media in South Africa

by Darsana Vijay

Brought to you by: Unmetric & Whysatisfy

An analysis of South Africa’s 50 most valuable brands revealed that 45 out of 50 brands have an active social media presence on one or more social networks. However only 36% of these brands had accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Most notably, Instagram was the least preferred social network for brands despite the higher than average engagement other brands experience on this platform.

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