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Bookmarks 2018 entry deadline extended to 24th November

Bookmarks extension deadline, Pic for PR

The Bookmark Awards 2018 are off to a fantastic start and the entries are flowing in. We’re very excited to see all the attention to detail and time that’s being put in.

That said, we realise that this time of the year can be pretty manic as everyone is no doubt trying to wrap everything up for year end, which puts extra strain on the time and resources needed to pull together a winning submission.

In the interest of ensuring everyone gets ample time to submit their entries, IAB has made an unprecedented decision to extend the entry deadline by one more week. Please be aware that the eligibility period remains the same – all campaigns must have been flighted up to 17th November 2017.

This is the FINAL extension and no entries will be accepted after midday on 24th November 2017.

Good luck with your entries for #Bookmarks2018

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On 31st October 2017, IAB SA held its Annual General Meeting via video conference in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, courtesy of Native VML.

The heads of each of the IAB councils presented progress made in the past year and touched on objectives for the upcoming year.

One common theme was that each council looks forward to another active year ahead as excitement builds around the upcoming AB Digital Summit, firmly establishing itself as the premier digital event on the African continent, followed by the 10th Annual Bookmark Awards on the 1st March 2018

Some key highlights from the AGM

The Publisher Council held its first fake news and brand safety round table in October, with several high profile participants (including Agency member representatives) collaborating in this important digital dialogue. This inaugural task team agreed to ongoing discussion and solution orientated progress, promising regular content to be developed and shared with members.

The council offered special thanks to Izak Minnaar, for representing IAB as a signatory to the Issue Paper on Perspectives on universal free access to online information in South Africa, focusing specifically on free public wi fi and zero-rated content. IAB’s collaboration and support for ASA and PCSA and supporting the fight for a free press remains an ongoing focus for the Publisher Council.

The Agency Council reported much valued support from a wide cross-section of volunteers focussing on education, guidelines and benefits, including understanding best practice and common issues facing the agency members.  The council’s initiatives include salary benchmarking, discussions around pitch guidelines and collaborations with other trade bodies. This council was also instrumental in putting together the categories, criteria and judging panel nominees for #Bookmarks2018

The Marketing Council announced plans to merge the Brand and Marketing Councils to increase efficiencies and avoid duplication of effort. Key focus on the upcoming launch of the newly designed website with thanks to several councils for this collaborative effort to create a more user friendly and member orientated website which IAB hopes will become the go-to digital portal for South Africa’s digital media and marketers. Exciting additions such as members area with exclusive access to business tool kits, legal documents and more will be revealed when the site launches before the end of November 2017.

Members were updated on the ongoing development of the Professional Body to designate ‘Digital Professionals’.  IAB issued a call for support on provincial board nominations and participation in the Transformation & Education Council’s upcoming designation workshops to facilitate and accelerate the enablement of transformation and education in the digital industry.

Finalisation of the RFP and presentations to the Measurement Council will conclude the measurement tender process, and an announcement will be made to members before the end of 2017.

The Research Council announced the final version of the 2016 online adspend report in conjunction with PwC.  It was released earlier this week to media and members and is now available to IAB members on request from IAB’s Research Council will be hosting a workshop early December during which role players will be invited to participate in a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in ensuring a robust report for 2017 by outlining and agreeing top-line outcomes for the report to be meaningful and meet stated objectives.

The new Head of Regulatory Affairs Council, Pria Chetty, was announced. Special thanks and acknowledgement were given to Andrew Allison who is stepping down after more than four years of valued voluntary service. The council reported on several critical legislative submissions and successes this year. These will be detailed in full, along with more details on all of the above mentioned highlights during our year end review for IAB members.

PwC and IAB SA release fourth annual Internet Advertising Revenue Report

PwC and IAB SA recently released the results of the 2016 annual Internet Advertising Revenue Report.  Key outcomes from the report indicate total internet advertising across all forms, devices and platforms increased by 13% to R3.95 billion.

Brought to the industry annually by the IAB SA in collaboration with PwC, the objective of this report is to provide the South African digital industry and advertising market with more accurate insight into digital spend by South Africa’s advertisers.

High-level insight:

Regardless of downturn in the South African economy, the internet advertising market continued to show healthy growth of 13% (almost half a billion rand) in spend from 2015 to 2016 and continues to show exponential growth since 2013 when spend was only R1.3 billion.

A number of trends within various segments of online advertising are emerging. Growth in Online and Mobile Internet spend is underpinned by the shift to mobile internet advertising, with social media gaining most share, whilst paid search internet advertising was up significantly from 2015 by 19%.

 So who are the big spenders?

There has been significant year-on-year movement in terms of industries increasing their stake in digital advertising spend. In 2016 the automotive industry, from not featuring in the top 4 of 2015, catapulted itself into the top spot as the biggest digital advertising spender in South Africa. Comments PwC: “As a result of economic uncertainty and consumers cutting costs, there was a substantial decline in new vehicle sales. To counteract this decline, the industry boosted advertising spend as they promoted discounts and special offers to incentivise sales.”

Retail emerged as the second largest spender (up from 4th in 2015), with Financial Services surprisingly moving to 3rd (from 1st in 2015) and FMCG coming in 4th (from 2nd in 2015).

“This study confirms some things we already knew and others beyond what we anticipated. With return on marketing investment becoming more and more a measured deliverable against marketing spend, it is imperative that advertisers, media planners and buyers are well versed in the trends now and anticipated in the future to deliver on these expectations,” says Gustav Goosen, Head of IAB’s Research Council.

The report is compiled by PwC based on submissions received from South African advertisers (agencies/clients) and alternative media buying channels or platforms (the buy-side), as well as submissions received from local publishers and on-sellers (the sell-side).

“The Digital Adspend Study is extremely important and beneficial to the advertising industry and while we have seen an increase in participation levels on the buy-side, I urge all South African advertising agencies as well as their clients to actively participate in PwC’s calls for submissions to ensure we can provide a more comprehensive report year on year going forward,” concludes Goosen.

IAB members may contact the IAB SA at to obtain a copy of this report or to participate in this year’s PwC adspend survey.


The IAB SA Regulatory Affairs Council appoints new Chair

Pria Chetty, RAC, new Chair
The IAB would like to say a very special thank you to Andrew Allison for playing an instrumental role in the progress the Regulatory Affairs Council has made while he has been at the helm for the past several years. He has been relentless in achieving the RAC’s objectives as well as committed and dedicated to the IAB, the RAC and its council members.

As Andrew steps down, IAB SA is delighted to welcome Pria Chetty as the newly appointed Head of the RAC. As Pria has been a valued contributor to this critical IAB council for the past two years, this is a natural fit as Andrew moves out of the role.

On accepting the voluntary role, Pria Chetty says  “Working with the RAC over the last few years has been exhilarating. It’s a powerful team, both in their depth of industry experience and their commitment to serving their sector. As the RAC we have seen successive significant developments in digital law and policy and there is no sign that this trend will not continue. Given the efforts of the team, and stewardship of Andrew, the RAC has earned a seat at the decision table and I don’t take this seat lightly.”

“With ICT policy setting for decades to come before us, and critical changes to content regulation, privacy and copyright law in flux, we can’t lose momentum. We will also be looking to get closer to the other Councils to better align our regulatory efforts with the IAB’s broader strategic agenda and grow the library of legal insights available to the members. We urge all members to think of us as their friendly neighbourhood Regulatory Affairs Council and start engaging with the team,” adds Pria.

Andrew, who remains a valued and committed volunteer on the council says “Pria has been an invaluable member of our small but effective RAC in recent years, and I’m thrilled with her appointment as the new Council Chair. She has been instrumental in driving a lot of the initiatives that the IAB has been involved with, and both the Council and the IAB will benefit tremendously from her leadership going forward. I personally look forward to remaining an active member of Pria’s Council, and to helping her as much as she has helped me.” he concludes.

Email Marketing Growing in Importance for SA Brands & Companies


Everlytic, Benchmarks Report Website Image

A new Everlytic report reveals the powerful role of email marketing in SA business

Johannesburg, 26 October:   With all the hype around social media as the new darling of marketing, it turns out that a less sensationalised platform is arguably the real star. According to, email marketing has grown at about 83% worldwide over the past two years, placing it amongst the fastest growing marketing channels, along with video advertising and text messaging.

In addition, research from Radicati Group indicates that there will be more than 4 billion email users worldwide by 2020 – and email traffic will surpass 300 billion emails per day!

Everlytic, an enterprise level marketing cloud solution that enables customers to communicate with their markets via email, mobile and social channels, recently released its Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2017 to take a targeted look at local email marketing trends. The company analysed over two billion emails, which were all bulk (not transactional) emails sent by SA customers.

“We compiled this benchmark report because there is no other data like this available for email marketing in South Africa,” explains Walter Penfold, MD of Everlytic. “The report that most marketers have relied on in the past is the IBM benchmark report, which groups SA under ‘rest of world’. This doesn’t help us much.”

For marketers operating in a highly competitive, digitised era, email has two major advantages: it is a permission-based platform, and relies on first-party data. Over the next several years, as marketers gain more access to behavioural and demographic data (and the sharing of data across different channels increases), email marketing will enable hyper-personalisation – which will allow for a much more targeted approach to marketing and lead generation.

“Email marketing sits at the epicentre of digital marketing in South Africa,” adds Penfold.  “Over the next five years, we predict that email will remain the top performing messaging channel in terms of ROI and will live up to its promise of being a true, one-to-one digital marketing channel.”

Importantly for brands and marketers, the Everlytic report unveiled key statistics around user behaviour and what this means for future email marketing campaigns. For example, average open rates were sitting at 25.83% – this type of metric shows that the person receiving your email trusts your brand, and finds your subject line enticing and/or relevant. In addition, average Click-Through Rates were pegged at 3.46%, which indicates that your content is relevant and that subscribers want to engage.

Notably, the report found that over 28% of emails are read on mobile phones, underscoring the importance of mobile responsive emails. Finally, it is encouraging that unsubscribe rates sitting below the average of 0.33% indicate that your database shrinkage is within the norm.

“When examining the international and local data, it is clear that email marketing will continue to grow in importance in the local marketing mix,” concludes Penfold. “And with ever increasing access to data, marketers can personalise and fine tune email marketing campaigns – and achieve even higher levels of engagement and ROI.”

Marketing Disruptions 2018 – SA

Book by 30 Nov 2017 and receive 20 % discount off standard delegate price negotiated for you by IAB i.e. pay R3,960 excl vat

Marketing Mix postBryanston Country Club, Sandton 7 Mar & Sports Science Institute, Newlands, Cpt 8 Mar

 A unique briefing which will greatly influence your strategic planning; organised by UCT Unilever Institute and Marketing Mix Conferences.                                                                                  

Reading the signals is critical to business survival.  Technology innovation is dominating, or should be, our business and consumer lives.  This briefing will stimulate your innovative thinking about developing lower cost solutions while protecting profit margins.   We have developed a program of topics  and identified speakers who have consistently proven their ability to read signals and keep one step ahead of their competitors.  Each speaker will identify quick-win opportunities to stimulate your thinking and enhance your ROI.

08h20 – 09h00
Creating a disruptive marketing culture within your business – a model that will lead to greater ROI in an uncertain environment – 6 responses to current forces of change
*  Lowest-denominator strategy. Cost-cutting rather than innovation.
*   AI (Artificial Intelligence) to become the consumer of Big Data.
*   Micro-segmenting brought on by the digital age. Thinning markets require fatter segments.
*  Proliferation of marketing assets. Practical examples on how to think like an “Asset Manager.”
    rather than a “Content Creator”.
*  Smart Centralization. Marketers think that more agencies on their business means more specialists. Actually, the opposite is true, you get fewer pecialists and a poor quality strategic product.
*  Metrics that Matter Most. A new model for KPIs called the 3 fundamentals KPI.
Wayne Bishop, MD, PHD Media (Jhb & Cpt)

09h05 – 09h45
Beyond traditional marketing > using technology and creative interpretation > Creating value for brands
The key focus areas for digital disruption are that it is not a marketing thing, it affects the entire business.
*  Usefulness – There are increased opportunities for brands to create a dialogue that consumers feel is valuable, beyond the price point of the product and service they traditionally communicate.
*  The internet of things – Everything in time will be ‘connected’ allowing us to gain a wider set of intelligence and behavioural data about the consumer. 
*  Beyond marketing – Applying technology internally to drive business efficiencies.
*  The reality of data – The big buzzword that hasn’t yet returned the hype.
Pete Case, National Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy SA (Jhb & Cpt)

09h50 – 10h25
Breakthrough marketing – panel debate
*  Three eminent marketers will comment on key points from the disruptive culture and technology briefings.
Brenda Koorneef, Marketing Strategist (former Marketing Director, Tiger Brands) (Jhb & Cpt)
Andrew Plastow, General Manager, Duracell, A Berkshire Hathaway Company (Jhb & Cpt)

10h25 – 10h45 coffee & networking 

10h45 – 11h20
Increasing brand engagement through behavioural economics
*  The role of emotion in decision-making and brand engagement.
*  Irrationality of consumers Vs rational marketing efforts.
*  Dual system thinking and a new model for brand loyalty.
Sarina de Beer, Ask Afrika (Jhb & Cpt)

 11h25 – 12h05
The Age of the Afripolitan
*  Culture & its evolution and expression in modern behaviour.
*  Community and its manifestation in modern group social behaviour.
*  KasiNomics – economics of the streets, informal money streams.
*  Social stratification – extremes of income, education, housing.
*  The evolution of Language – Soshanguve, an African dialect?  
*  An African Frenzy – the extreme pace of change & adoption of modern in an African way.
GG Alcock, CEO & Author, Minanawe (Jhb & Cpt)

12h10 – 12h45
Social media disruption – live messaging and collaborative social moments – BE PREPARED
Five years after organic social media died and advertising took over, brands still pretend they are building relationships via posting. The data has always disagreed.
*  Users increasingly prefer real-time private messaging to asynchronous public social posting.
*  Brands have to automate so they can hold individual conversations at scale.
*  Chatbot messaging is personalised, conversational and real-time, and is now delivering serious value to brand sales, CRM teams, and their customers.
*  A customer service strategy seeking increased customer engagement and reduced costs has to have a chatbot messaging component.
Godfrey Parkin, CEO, Britefire (Jhb & Cpt)                                                                                                                          

12h45 – 13h35 lunch

13h35 – 14h10
Understanding – Understanding” Comprehend how consumers process information to create more effective communication
* 90/10 principal: How Social Media has changed the game for experiential.
* Talka-what-aby? What’s more important, wagging tongues, or ringing tills?
* Snap out of it: Cool disruptive campaigns that work.
* That warm fuzzy feeling: Unravelling universal human truths to your advantage
Cas Dreijr, MD, BE Salt (Topic confirmed) (Jhb  & Cpt)

14h15 – 14h50
Leveraging data and intelligence to define the target market and product offerings
*  In order to be successful it needs C-suite focus, attention and buy-in.
*  It is about data, and how this informs insights and analytics.
*  It is about your customer – customer centricity is a mind-set, not a digital app.
*  It is a process, not a project.
Richard Mullins, MD, Acceleration (Jhb & Cpt)

14h55 – 15h30
In these tough economic times how should we talk to our consumers to maintain category and brand relevance?
*  How are the economic pressures influencing purchasing behaviour and brand preferences?
*  What are the hidden opportunities and how can we utilise these effectively?
Esti Prinsloo, Consumer Research Director, AC Nielsen (Jhb & Cpt)                                                                        

Conference closes 15h30

Standard delegate rate is R4,950 excl vat
Book by 30 Nov and receive R990 off delegate rate i.e. only pay R3,960 excl vat

Click here to register for JOHANNESBURG 

Click here to register for CAPE TOWN

Enquiries: Sharon Angus-Leppan | T: 021-7908147 | E:

IAB extends the Bookmarks entry deadline


Bookmarks 2018, Deadline Extended banner 2


As excitement mounts around the upcoming 10th Annual Bookmark Awards 2018 and we see the emergence of new categories and judges to accommodate the shift in the digital media space, IAB SA is extending the entry deadline for #Bookmarks2018 to the 17th November 2017.*

“This extension will provide the digital industry with additional time to submit comprehensive, detailed entries that will showcase diversity, engagement and commitment to the growth and evolution of the digital space that we are all experiencing,” says IAB SA CEO, Josephine Buys “As entries pour in, the jury panel is being finalised and we are almost ready to announce who they are. The jury selection has been a progressive exercise, resulting in diversity in the nominations, with both the tech savvy newbies to the industry and stalwarts of the industry populating the panel, making it a very balanced and forward thinking group of judges,” adds Buys.

The finalists will be announced in the new year and the ceremony will take place on 1st March 2018 at The Empire Venue, Parktown, Johannesburg.

* In line with extending the entry deadline we are also extending the eligibility of the campaign period from 12th November 2016 to 17th November 2017. 

For the full list of categories for 2018 go to

Direct Booking Indaba 2017 – Unpacking tactics that boost revenue


Direct Booking Africa, powered by Guerilla Marking, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a ground-breaking Direct Booking Indaba 2017 in Cape Town on 25 October 2017 at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel.

The Direct Booking Indaba 2017 is the 1st event of its kind to be held in South Africa that seeks to enable hoteliers increase direct bookings via their websites and in the process, lower their distribution costs.

“Direct bookings is a very hot topic within the hospitality industry as hotels are seeking ways of reducing their dependence on third parties for bookings. Presently, they are paying huge commissions as high as 25% to online travel agencies (OTAs) and additionally, the OTAs are controlling guest data and thus disempowering hotels from any post-stay engagement,” said Joseph Neusu, Guerilla Marketing’s Business Unit Head.

Adclick, Direct Booking Indaba, pic for post

The event organisers have put together a very strong panel of speakers made up of some of the brightest hospitality marketing minds and revenue specialists in the country. You can view the speakers here.

The agenda for this full-day event is a strategic selection of carefully curated content structured to help hoteliers win the direct bookings battle. With OTAs reportedly spending over $6 billion in ad spend, hotels cannot afford not to attend.

The Direct Booking Indaba 2017 agenda covers the following:

  • The modern travel shoppers’ journey – How consumer behavior has changed
  • Using innovative advertising to drive direct bookings
  • The art & science of a winning hotel website
  • WIFI marketing – How to maximize guest on-stay engagement
  • Effective use of social media in travel marketing
  • Word of mouth in social and online media: The direct booking journey
  • Revenue & Spending – Turning online bookers into big spenders
  • Regaining control over guest relations in hospitality

Additionally, industry leaders from South Africa Tourism, FEDHASA, Department of Tourism and Cape Town Tourism will share priceless insights and policy issues regarding the industry in South Africa.

Who Should attend this amazing conference?

  • Hoteliers
  • General Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Community Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Co-Coordinators
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Business Development Executives
  • Sales Professionals
  • Service Managers
  • Guest Services Managers

“We are so excited to play our part in the growth of the hospitality industry in South Africa as is envisaged in the National Development Programme 2030. This event will enlighten the attendees on how they can effectively boost their revenues by leveraging proven strategies that increase the look to book ratio,” said Velly Bosega, Adclick Africa’s CEO.

Attendees at the event will get a chance to interact with their peers, receive free audits of their digital assets as well as get a copy of the State of the Industry Report: Digital Marketing.



IAB proudly supports the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) with the assistance of Applied Law & Technology (Pty) Ltd, and in collaboration with ourselves and the South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) on the launch of the issue paper addressing perspectives on universal free access to online information in South Africa: Free public Wi-Fi and Zero-Rated content.

The purpose of this issue paper is to examine the background and legal frameworks that support a right to universal free access to online information, with a specific focus on the South African context. In particular, this paper will explore two key mechanisms for how universal free access to online information can be achieved – through basic minimum levels of access to free public wi-fi, and through zero-rated content. Click here to access the Issue Paper. Issue Paper – Perspectives on universal free access to online information in South Africa. (FINAL)

Bookmarks-Logo-2018 (from Caxton)

Bookmarks 2018 entries now open


Entries for the 10th annual IAB SA Bookmark Awards opened today for the digital media industry. Entry forms and more detailed entry information available on website. Entries close on 3 November 2017.

Set to take place on 1 March 2018, the IAB Bookmark Awards has unequivocally set the benchmark as the ‘Digital Oscars’ of South Africa, recognising top talent in the digital industry over the past decade. 2018 sees the introduction of new categories and a new Jury President, Jerry Mpufane.

The Bookmark Awards 2018 key focus is about embracing diversity across the board. The Awards focus on recognising excellence in the industry relating to creativity, high impact digital executions and powerful brand building campaigns that deliver measurable results.

“The Bookmarks aim to reward those brands that are doing a fantastic job at exciting consumers and driving business results,” says Jerry Mpufane, Jury President, The Bookmark Awards 2018.

#Bookmarks2018 continues to push boundaries and expand on the definition of digital advertising, growing existing categories as well as embracing and reflecting on the evolving digital media landscape.

“We look forward to seeing the ultimate showcase of the most exciting brand communications the marketplace has seen in the last year,” adds Mpufane.

Entries close on 3 November 2017. Let your hard work be counted in South Africa’s largest digital industry awards and gain worldwide recognition. For more information on the entry categories, rules and entry tips visit