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MEET PAULA HULLEY – Head of Digital & Innovation for Ogilvy CT


The IAB talks to Paula Hulley in a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who are you?

I am the Head of Digital & Innovation for Ogilvy CT, Vice Chair and Head of the Agency Council at the IAB. Passionate about achieving the impossible with amazing teams and creating connected experiences that innovate with brands & consumers in a meaningful and remarkable way. Proud Mom to Céline Fantastic and grateful to an incredible support network that partner with me to do what I love every day.

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Release: 365 Digital launches programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP)

South African publisher solutions business, 365 Digital, have launched their premium programmatic Private Marketplace.

A Private Marketplace (PMP) is where private, invitation-only digital advertising deals are bought and sold programmatically over a curated list of premium websites. A PMP is a tool specifically found in the programmatic space; a type of buying mechanic allowing specific deal types to be transacted without the hassles of signing Insertion Orders.


A PMP is the answer to running programmatic campaigns transparently, efficiently and cost effectively in brand safe environments. Deliberately built with only premium South African inventory, the 365 PMP was crafted using a very strict curation process.

A few of the properties in the 365 PMP include:









As the PMP grows, more premium sites will be added but only if they meet the stringent standards for premium classification. Currently, there are several sites being vetted which, should they crack the nod, will appear on the PMP in August or early September 2017.

Buying media via the 365 PMP:

Premium inventory can be bought by agencies, trading desks and programmatic advertisers in the following ways through any recognised Demand Side Platform (DSP):

  • Guaranteed Deals:

This is a pre-negotiated fixed price deal between publisher and advertiser for a guaranteed number of impressions. Inventory can be bought across specific sites, verticals or for all the sites in the PMP. Advertisers can overlay 1st party audience data or purchase audience data from within the PMP. Deal IDs will be created and sent to buyers to allow access to the inventory.

  • Preferred deals:

Here we arrange a pre-negotiated fixed CPM price deal between publisher and advertiser for a variable number of impressions. These deals are based on a RTB (Real-Time Bidding) basis within the private auction. Again, specific sites can be targeted or verticals or all the sites in the PMP. 1st or 3rd party data can be used and a deal ID will be sent to buyers. Preferred Deals do not guarantee impressions but still get priority and exclusive access to inventory over the open exchange.

  • Private Auction:

This is a private or invitation-only auction between select publishers and buyers with a pre-negotiated price floor. These deals types are similar to open exchange buys, but instead of competing with thousands of buyers for impressions, buyers are selected to participate in the auction at the publisher’s discretion. Deals are executed programmatically via RTB (Real-Time Bidding). Inventory will be dependent on bids won and all data overlays are still allowed.

It’s important to note that while the PMP is built to make premium inventory available programmatically, the inventory is also still available on a traditional IO basis

If agencies or brands don’t have programmatic capabilities, Mark1 Media, the sister company of 365 Digital is able to facilitate this.

Whether publishers want to increase their revenue or agencies and advertisers wanting to buy premium inventory programmatically, the 365 Digital PMP is open for business and looking forward to growing this space in South Africa.

For more information contact 365 Digital: info@365digital.co.za

Dominique Warr
Head of Marketing & Public Relations
Mark1 Media
072 621 3389

You can download a copy by clicking hereRelease – 365 Digital launches programmatic Private Marketplace

365 Digital PMP Landscape

Meet Marc Du Plessis – Incoming Chair of the IAB Publisher council

Marc du Plessis

The IAB talks to Marc Du Plessis in a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who are you?

I am the incoming Chair of the IAB Publisher council. I am also the joint-CEO of Spark Media, an advertising and media solutions sales house. We are firm believers in revolutionary, evidence-based marketing principles and invest heavily into local South African research. I have 11 years’ experience in the media and publishing industry, and for the last 8 years, a real focus in digital transformation and digital innovation.

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Team IAB

IAB South Africa is looking for a full time Administration Manager

IAB SA, is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry in South Africa.

Play an active role in nurturing South Africa’s digital industry; we are looking for a dynamic self-starter that shares our passion for growing digital in South Africa, to manage the day-to-day administration of the digital trade association.

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Meet Mpho Maseko – Brand Council for the IAB

Mpho Maseko

The IAB talks to Mpho Maseko in a series of interviews with our nine Heads of Councils.

Who are you?

I have been operating in the Marketing and Communication field for more than 10 years. I have worked both on the agency and client side of life having started my career as a Public Relations intern for David Barritt & Company.
I have worked in the advertising industry, in a client services and strategy development role.

I have honed in on my event managing skills for both small and large scale events through my role as PRO at the Gauteng Legislature.
I’m a lover of a life who is fascinated by most humans. My superpower is my ability to stay curious and to always strive for nirvana.

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Native Advertising Guidlines

These are designed to offer clarity, good practice and a launchpad for further discussion around the marketing tool known as Native Advertising. While they aim to simplify concepts and provide examples it remains cognisant that our market evolves quickly and the lifespan of these guidelines are likely to last a year whereupon it will be updated.

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Ad blocking has far-reaching effects for digital advertising

By Josephine Buys, CEO of IAB SA

One of the trends that could change the face of the Internet is the increasing use of ad blocking software. Whilst this technology is not new, the web seems to have reached a tipping point where frustrated users are jumping the technical hurdles in larger numbers to filter out online ads.

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