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Are you ready for 2017?

By Nick Sarnadas, event director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery

What does your gut feel say? Well, here’s the deal. No longer is it viable to rely on your intuition to know where your marketing campaign is heading. We are now living in a data analytics world – and if that does not sound as exciting as the material one decades ago, believe us (or at least the trend setters who have studied this growing technology phenomenon) data analysis will take you to the next level.

Analyse it, use it well and be set to soar! But do remember to look at solid (that’s reliable and not vague) data. Garbage in, garbage out, still applies.

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Effective Measure South Africa Appoints Greg Mason as Country Manager

Effective Measure, the digital audience measurement provider for IAB SA and data intelligence solutions company, announced today that Greg Mason joins them as Country Manager – South Africa as of 2 January 2017. Mason will be taking over the reins from from SSA Lead, Nicolle Harding, who moves on to another role.

Scott Julian, Effective Measure CEO, said: “Greg joins Effective Measure at a crucial time as we work towards releasing Dashboard 2.0. His experience working with publishers and his knowledge of the South African digital ecosystem makes him an extraordinary fit for Effective Measure.”
“We are extremely pleased to be welcoming him to the Effective Measure team.”

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Digital evolution starts with content

internet-of-things-emailer-1While digital excellence is usually associated with technical innovation, content is the real differentiator between a successful or unsuccessful digital campaign. As agencies, marketers and publishers put together their submissions before the final IAB SA Bookmarks 2017 deadline of 25 November, an understanding of content is more relevant than ever.

IAB SA CEO, Josephine Buys says, “In South Africa, we have reached an interesting crossroads rich in opportunity. Audiences no longer want to passively receive messages from brands. They want to brands to engage with them and add real value to their lives.”

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Starfish Greathearts Foundation launches disruptive approach to charity fundraising with interactive, iPad e-book

A first for a South African charity; challenging the traditional business model and providing consumers with a product of value when donating to a cause

Technology has aided in facilitating the disruption of every major, global industry – from taxis to hotel bookings. Today, Starfish Greathearts Foundation launches an interactive e-book, in order to turn the traditional, charity, fundraising model on its head.

Belinda te Riele, CEO of Starfish explains, ‘It is a challenge raising funds in our market, as South Africa is considered a middle-income country with less foreign aid coming through. Also, many people are experiencing donor fatigue and so we need to find more innovative ways of raising funds and to build a community of support for children’.

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Regulatory Affairs @ IAB :: 2016 in the rear view mirror

By Andrew Allison: Head of Regulatory Affairs Council

The significant increase in regulatory activity, which we saw in 2015, continued and accelerated into 2016, and looks set to keep us busy through the next couple of years. The Government seems to have recently come alive to the pitfalls and perils of a South African digital “Wild, Wild West”, with which it now seems preoccupied. The raft of new Bills and rumblings from Pretoria are fixated on perceived failings of the Internet and – sadly – not focused on harnessing the opportunities it presents and on championing innovation and technology.

On a more positive note, there has been an undeniable mobilisation of civil society in response to the threat of increased regulation, and this can never be a bad thing. In the broader marketing, publishing and technology sectors, industry associations and self-regulatory bodies have jostled to align with each other, to engage with government and to re-evaluate their own internal workings. Concessions have been made from both sides. It is still difficult to predict how favourable the outcome will be – and for whom – but we have made big strides this far, and have no plans to slow down.

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Mobile growing as dominant frontier for online advertising

Mobile web traffic has increased from 20% in 2012 to 45% in 2015 and is expected to rise to 72% by 2020  according to IAB SA Internet advertising revenue report. With mobile traffic booming, digital advertising across these platforms is fast-becoming the most relevant way to engage with customers intimately and on their terms.

While access to data still remains a barrier in South Africa, the report notes that more affordable services, lower data costs and faster mobile data will bring more users onto mobile phones for longer. In fact, a 2015 Effective Measure study notes that 46% of South Africans using the Internet have at least three cellphones in their household.

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Native Advertising Guidlines

These are designed to offer clarity, good practice and a launchpad for further discussion around the marketing tool known as Native Advertising. While they aim to simplify concepts and provide examples it remains cognisant that our market evolves quickly and the lifespan of these guidelines are likely to last a year whereupon it will be updated.

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Ad blocking has far-reaching effects for digital advertising

By Josephine Buys, CEO of IAB SA

One of the trends that could change the face of the Internet is the increasing use of ad blocking software. Whilst this technology is not new, the web seems to have reached a tipping point where frustrated users are jumping the technical hurdles in larger numbers to filter out online ads.

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The IAB SA hosted its second annual IAB Digital Summit in Newtown, Johannesburg, on March 3 2016.

The event covered topics including programmatic; premium display; native advertising; content marketing; ad blocking; click fraud; viewability; diversity and transformation in SA media; the “new partnership” between publishers and agencies; media planning in SA; mobile advertising (including video); measurement; regulation such as the Protection of Personal Information Act and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act; and broad-based black economic empowerment.


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